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Live Love Learn Real EstateToday I met with Patty Carabio from Old Republic Title and Tim Hadlock (a Facebook Expert) from People’s Mortgage to brainstorm some Facebook marketing strategies.  Here is what we came up with for the fall.

September – we will send out our “Like us on Facebook” Postcard.  One problem on this that Tim noticed is that we forgot to say to win a FREE dinner at the Twisted Italian LIKE us on Facebook.  Oops!  But you can learn from my mistakes so this is a great learning opportunity.

October – We are going to have a Facebook Halloween costume Contest. Watch for the postcard later this month.  On this one we will tell people how they can post to our Facebook page.  In case you don’t know, you go to the admin site for your page and simply allow people to post on your page.  There is even a function to make sure that visitors are not allowed to post any vulgarities.

November – We are sending out a postcard for a chance to win a Fall Get-a-way.  We may have to make this a winter get-a-way.  I’ll let you know.

December – This month we will send out Happy Holiday cards and a calendar for 2012.  Wow, this year went by fast!

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