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I have been writing about The Cerreta Team and the new farm area we decided to plow into last summer.  If you have been reading my blogs you know that we started with 250 homes in a sub-division called Westwing Mountain.  After a couple of months, we decided to farm the entire community which has 1626 homes.  We hand delivered flyers to all 1626 homes for our first big delivery.  This was a great way to get excercise but it was totally exhausting.  So we are now hiring the delivery of our flyers to a company and doing a lot of direct mail postcards.  Anyway, after our first three items had been successfully delivered, I realized that I had not sent out an introduction letter.  OOPS!  I have written an introduction letter and I will post it for you to read and change for your own farm areas.  It will be best to send this letter out first, along with some kind of magnet or other item of value.  As you read my letter, you will see that I crafted it so it would work for our team and the fact that homeowners have received other items from us already. Read on and let me know what you think.  You can contact me Dear Neighbor.

You have probably received a few items from The Cerreta Realty Group on your door or in the mail.  I would like to introduce our team to you. Cerreta Realty Group is owned by the Cerreta Family, and yes, we are also part owners of The Cerreta Candy Company.  Because of this, you will notice from time to time that we offer prizes that involve chocolates and we do give our Famous French Mints as a listing appointment gift.

Since all of the owners of The Cerreta Realty Group live in Westwing Mountain, we decided to appoint ourselves as the official real estate representatives for the area.  We hope to be of service to you any time you have a real estate need or question.  In the coming months, via letters, emails, and personal visits, we plan to keep you up-to-date with real estate news.

Please phone or email us when:

  1. You have questions concerning real estate.
  2. You see any real estate company’s “For Sale” sign on a property anywhere in town on which you would like details.  We can easily help you through a simple email to
  3. You have friends or relatives moving to Arizona. We would love to help them with relocating.
  4. You want to know the present market value of your home.  A complimentary market analysis is yours just for the asking at

The Cerreta Family has been in real estate for twelve years now and throughout the ups and downs of the real estate market we continue to love selling homes and meeting our neighbors.

We have also recently started a Facebook page called “Westwing Mountain Community News” and we hope you will like our page and help us fill up the site with relevant news and restaurant reviews.  You may have received a postcard about this already.  Find us at

All of us also jog every morning at 5:30am in the Westwing sub-division, so if you see us make sure to waive and say hello.

Your Westwing Mountain neighbors,

Jonathan, Marlene, Aimee, Kristen and Mindy Cerreta

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