Planning a Community Meeting

The Cerreta Team began farming the Westwing Mountain Sub-division in May of 2012. We started with a small area of 150 homes as we had just received an REO listing in this area. It also just happens to be the area that I and all of my daughters live in as well. After a few months we decided to farm the entire subdivision, which includes 1626 homes. Our first delivery included a school calendar and a “Back to School Drive” flyer, which have been documented in previous blogs. This entire campaign only cost about $300.00. Old Republic Title provided all of the “Back to School Drive” Flyers for free and then helped us with the printing of the school calendars. So, the calendars cost us $230.00., and the cellophane door hanger bags to put the two items into cost *$87. Our team did all the leg work so this was a really inexpensive start up for 1626 touches.

Our next touch will be a flyer inviting the entire neighborhood to a community meeting to discuss underwater homeowner options. We found a company that will deliver the flyers for 12 cents each (much cheaper than postage) and we will send 250 postcards out to homeowners that are on the notice of default list as well.

There will be a panel of experts at this meeting including our Short Sale Specialist, an attorney, a tax accountant and a Chase lender. I will keep you all posted on how this is going. Today is August 7th and the event is planned for August 22nd. So far, we have the flyer and postcards completed and a company lined up to deliver the flyers.

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