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While browsing in Barnes and Noble as I often do, I could not find a single book related to Realtors and real estate. There were tons of books on the subject of investing in real estate or fixing and flipping real estate but nothing on the topic of how to become a better Realtor.  So I picked up a book called Shift Happens, written by America’s Premier Experts.  Although this book was written in 2009 it still has information that can be used today.  The book has nineteen chapters that are each written by a different expert in a different field of expertise. Chapter 2 is actually written by a dentist but has some great ideas that can be used by real estate professionals like you and me.

Chapter 2 is called “The Personal Touch: Preserve Your Customer Base”,  and is written by Dr. Vesna Sutter, DDS.  One of the things I liked best about this chapter was the part that said the dentist or her technicians take notes about what their patients say so that they know and remember what is happening in their lives. These notes serve as little memory joggers that can be used the next time the patient comes in.  We can do the same thing while lunching or chatting with a client. People really appreciate when you remember things that are important to them.

Another topic that Dr. Sutter touches on is bringing extra value to her patients.  She does this by offering solutions to sleep apnea for her patients. You and I can do it by becoming short sale specialists or learning how to bid on foreclosure homes at the court house auctions.

Lastly, the chapter mentions the importance of sending thank you notes when a referral is sent. This is very important because as you probably know, referrals are the best kind of leads Realtors can get.  The importance of receiving a handwritten note in the mail has become even more special now that so many messages are now sent by email.

Of course the other chapters have information that can be used for real estate too, but I will leave that for you to discover.  Each chapter is about ten pages and very easy to digest. For a book that is not written with real estate success in mind, I was happy to find as many good ideas as I did.

Remember, it is recommended that you read at least a half hour a day on something related to your professional growth. This can be industry journals, magazines and books of course.


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