The Open House

An excellent starting point for learning how to hold an open house is to review our Open House presentation. In this presentation you will learn many details of setting up and holding an open house.  After you have completed reviewing the Open House Presentation you may want to see some of those techniques in action on our ‘How to Hold an Open House’ video below.

How to Hold an Open House

The Open House Program
  • Choose your home (if you don’t have one, call other agents at your office to see if you can hold one of theirs open).
  • Have your Title Company make flyers, postcards or door hangers for you. (Include all the info that you will have available at the open house).
  • Place an ad in the local newspaper.
  • Place ads on all free online sites available.
  • Make a flyer to post on your Facebook Page.
  • Tweet about it.
  • Place signs on the property a few days before the open house is planned, announcing the open house.
  • Gather all the information you will offer at your open house – short sale info, what your home is worth, neighborhood comps, etc.
  • A few days before the open house go door to door and invite all the neighbors to your open house. Leave something of value with them that touts all the services you offer.

The Day of the Open House

  • Get dressed in something nice but also comfortable.
  • Place signs around the neighborhood.
  • Park your car in front of the home and have some magnet signs or other advertising on your car so the neighborhood knows you are the “go to” Realtor.
  • Get to the home early.
  • Place your sign in sheet by the front door with a pen.
  • Place all your marketing supplies on the kitchen counter. Use clear plastic holders so the info is upright and easily seen.
  • Set out a plate of treats.
  • Set up your candle warmer with a fresh baked cookie scent.
  • Turn all the lights on in the home.
  • Get ready to greet your new clients.