Lead Generation_BloggingBlogging, like other forms of social media, is a form of self-promotion that can be used to build yourself a larger audience of adoring fans. The term “Blog” is derived from the terms “web” and “log”. Originally called a “web log” the blog is kind of like and online diary consisting of words, pictures, videos and links to other blogs and web pages most times focused on a particular theme or topic. While most blogs consist of written communications, the “vlog” or video blog is becoming increasingly popular as video is easier to insert into the web format. Another form of blog is called the image blog and this consists of still photos.

A successful social media strategy should have your blog as the anchor. Facebook and Twitter do not allow you enough capacity to explain the loan application process or to communicate other important subjects to your client base. Blogging about the topics listed below (and others you may think of) will allow you to have all of this information in one good blog post and will provide a key to providing this information to those who are seeking it.

Sample Topics:

  • Loan Application Process
  • The inspection Process
  • The attributes of a certain city, neighborhood or sub-division
  • The Steps in the buying Process
  • How to get your home ready to list
  • School Information
  • Entertainment Options
  • Local Businesses
  • Local Events
  • Childcare

Each post in your blog should inform and educate past clients, potential clients and those who seek the information that you are providing.

A neighborhood Blog would go a long way in helping you become a certain neighborhood expert. I entered a search for Marshall Ranch on ActiveRain and there is in fact a blog by Anna “Banana” Kruchten showing a home that she recently listed. Not much else for this particular neighborhood was found and I’m sure there are a lot of other areas that are untapped.

Writing a blog at least once a week should be part of your prospecting agenda. Here are some sites that can help you get started:

Do some research and choose the best format for your needs. A blog site that can connect to all of your social media sites is best in my opinion.

I just attended a class presented by Smart Blog and this is a great program for someone like me who feels overwhelmed by the set up process of the Blog. This system has a $400.00 set up fee and then is $97.00 per month which includes site updates and 3-5 blog posts per week. You can add your own blogs too which would give you a lot of content which is what moves you up into the top for Google searches. Look for this company at