How to Win The Listing Every Time

Well more like 95% of the time. Increase your odds of winning the listing for every appointment you go on just by doing a few simple things.

The best way to win a listing every time is very simple – BE PREPARED!

The secret is in knowing how to be prepared. Every agent has his or her own way of feeling prepared but there are some things you can do to rise above your competition.

There are some basic elements that should followed regardless if you are going to list your mom’s house or a home where you are in competition with three other agents. First, always arrive in a clean and fresh vehicle. The one time you think that it’s okay to leave the trash from yesterday’s McDonalds is the time your client will walk you out to your car and practically get in with you while saying goodbye. Next dress in something appropriate for your area (some states are more casual than others) and make sure the outfit is clean crisp and odor free. And last but not lease ARRIVE ON TIME!!

Another basic is to bring along a CMA. If time permits, it is best to complete extensive research and compile a rock solid CMA. This will help you determine a price strategy and to sound confident about it when speaking to the homeowners. If you are not totally familiar with the area or if you haven’t worked in the neighborhood for a while, it will be necessary to visit some of the active properties and drive by the sold homes. Doing this task will give you so much confidence when talking to your potential clients that is will definitely be worth the time you spend doing it.

One thing that I feel is a big help is to have some sort of organized system in which to carry all of your supplies. There is nothing worse than being at an appointment and having to dig around in your bag for things or having to set your camera, pens, comps and things on the table. I use a large bag that is divided into sections for different items.

My secret weapon is my listing presentation book. I have compiled a little story about everything that will happen before during and after the listing. Many times a client will tell me that the decision to use me over another agent came down to my listing book. For this reason alone, I would consider making one. I will have an example on this site of one you can copy in the months to come.

The last item on the list of things to do is to remember that you are there to serve. Service should always be your number one motivation. This attitude will shine through and more often than not you will win the listing.

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