Real Estate Farming Introduction Letter

I have been writing about The Cerreta Team and the new farm area we decided to plow into last summer.  If you have been reading my blogs you know that we started with 250 homes in a sub-division called Westwing Mountain.  After a couple of months, we decided to farm the entire community which has […]

Marlene’s Real Estate Book Review

While browsing in Barnes and Noble as I often do, I could not find a single book related to Realtors and real estate. There were tons of books on the subject of investing in real estate or fixing and flipping real estate but nothing on the topic of how to become a better Realtor.  So […]

Real Estate Farming Basics

Basics for Farming in Real Estate Step One: Choose an area where you would like to work. A subdivision with 150-250 homes is best.  Before you decide on a specific area, check MLS for activity. Make sure it is an area where people are moving in and out of. Make sure the days on market […]

Do You Know How to Bid on a HUD Home

The process of bidding on a HUD Home is quite easy but it is best if you understand the process before trying to complete one with a client.  Bidding on a HUD home does require that you have a Realtor and your Broker must have a NAID number. Before you do anything, make sure your […]

How to Win The Listing Every Time

Well more like 95% of the time. Increase your odds of winning the listing for every appointment you go on just by doing a few simple things.