Book Review: The Realtors Guide to Short Sale Success

Book Review – By Marlene Cerreta

The Realtors Guide to Short Sale SuccessThe Realtors Guide to Short Sale Success
Written by – Jeffrey P. Smith

Although this book’s title leads you to believe that you will only be learning about how to complete short sales, it actually contains a plethora of information on real estate success in general. There are chapters on goal setting, time management, how to convert leads to listings and then detailed information on how to process a successful short sale. Written in 2010 this is some of the most current short sale information available for purchase right now. This is a book that should be read by all real estate agents wanting to enter the short sale market. Having this book in your library to use as a reference will be very helpful to you and a great service to your clients. As always, I recommend that every Realtor read at least a half hour of material per day that will help them become a better person and real estate agent.

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