An Introduction to Live, Love, Learn, Real Estate
By Marlene Cerreta

It has never been easier to gather information than it is today. The problem that I have had in the past is that I have to search many websites and books to get the information I need. By the time I find what I am looking for I am exhausted and too frustrated to use the information. This is the reason that I have developed the Live, Love and Learn Real Estate Website. My goal is to do all the research and provide one site where the latest and greatest real estate success strategies can be found.

Hi, I’m Marlene Cerreta of Live, Love and Learn Real Estate. The one stop shop for all your real estate success tools. If I read about something new, I will post it for you to review. I also promise to implement new ideas into my own real estate business each month so that you will know if the strategies really work. Follow my blog to see what we are trying at Cerreta Realty Group and to see what I am reading to gather new ideas for you.

If you have any unique ideas or super successful strategies that you would like to share, please contact me at, as I would love to share your ideas.

In friendship,
Marlene Cerreta
Broker, Cerreta Realty Group

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